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The Story Behind Titanic Belfast Unlocked Landscapes Rosies Easel

Rosies Easel

Unlocked Landscapes

Titanic Belfast

This is not just a museum. Titanic Belfast is an immersive experience that tells the story of what was once the world’s largest ship. 

The building itself is an architectural tribute to the engineers, designers, shipbuilders and tradesmen that built this epic vessel. Painting the 3000 tiny metal panels that form the shell of the museum was a titanic challenge in itself. 2000 of those panels are completely unique and each piece creates its own colour and light. I hope that I have done this stunning piece of architecture justice.


Belfast was once the shipbuilding capital of the world and Belfast lough which you can see just touching the tip of the building in this painting was once the gateway through which many of the world’s ships left this island.


It is so meaningful then that this lough remains right in the centre of this piece of art. It is where many of the world’s cruise ships arrive to allow their international passengers to disembark and experience this beautiful city and the magical coastline that its a key part of. When it is safe, once again this lough will be teaming with the world’s visitors and we will be ready to warmly welcome them. If you haven't ventured to the Titanic Belfast before, when its majestic glass doors open once again, it is a must see. 

Close by are incredible local businesses. Please don’t forget to go to my local businesses page on my gallery at RosiesEasel.com to check them out and promise me that you will support them when it is safe to do.


Titanic Belfast 

This is the Home of Titanic. Titanic Belfast is the world's largest Titanic visitor experience. It explores the Titanic story through awe inspiring interactive galleries. Explore the White Star vessel SS Nomadic and see Belfast's history Slipways.

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Titanic Wines

‘Titanic Wines Limited have teamed up with prolific South African wine producer, Louis Nell, to bring Titanic Wines to the world’.

I first experienced this Titanic Cabernet Sauvignon at the Bushmills Banquet in 2018. 

I love the combination of red fruit, blackberry and subtle oak flavours. 

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The Titanic Hotel, Belfast 

The historical Harland & Wolff's Headquarters have been transformed, to bring visitors Titanic Hotel Belfast.

In my experience of exploring the architecture of the building the Titanic, and the other incredible creations of Harland & Wolff are brought to life. 

The restaurant offers a truly special atmosphere and uses the finest locally sourced ingredients. Explore and discover the Drawing Offices and the Presentation Room. Or experience 1st class luxury with their 'Art Deco nautical theme' bedrooms. 

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